Residential plumbing and HVAC remodels can be as simple as upgrading a bathroom or kitchen. If the size of the house is increased or the current system is inadequate, 2H will evaluate your current equipment and provide input to ensure that your finished home meets your comfort needs.

At 2H Mechanical, we calculate the heat loss in your house and design a system that will work efficiently and quietly.  Our HVAC systems are built with graduated metal duct work built in our shop, not flex pipe.

Our systems are balanced to ensure that each room is getting the heating and cooling that it needs.

We provide the best and most reliable equipment so you are not dealing with maintenance issues.  If you are building a new home, come and talk to use and we will help you build a system that you will be happy with.

2H Mechanical is fully insured and all our employees are covered by worker’s compensation insurance so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Accreditations & Boards

At 2HMech we’re incredibly proud of our quality of service and excellence of reputation. We are a member of the following accreditation boards and membership groups.

1-year warranty on labor, Manufactures warranty on parts, and a limited warranty on workmanship


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