Why Should I Care if My Contractor is Insured?

There are always cheaper solutions but, be sure that you are not carrying the risk for your contractor. Workers compensation insurance should be carried by the contractor; otherwise injuries can become your responsibility! Liability insurance should also be carried by the contractor. You don’t want to be calling your insurance company if something goes wrong. 2H Mechanical carries worker’s compensation and liability insurance so that you don’t have to worry.

Why Should I Care if my Contractor is Qualified?

Being a union shop seems like a bad thing these days, but it is not. The union are the only fully accredited 4-year apprenticeship programs running in the valley for plumbing and sheet metal. To add to that 2H Mechanical ensures that its employees are carrying a minimum of 10-OSHA safety training and we offer continuous training to all our employees. Why? The mechanical systems in your house need to work effetely, efficiently and above all, the need to be safe. Even if someone has been doing a job for many years, without the training, they cannot offer you the best service.

Do I need a high Efficiency Boiler furnace or Water Heater?

High efficiency heating equipment gets that extra efficiency by taking the heat out of the exhaust gases to preheat the air, or water, that is about to get heated by the main burners. This works best when the moisture out of the exhaust gasses condenses, using latent heat to move the most heat from the exhaust gasses. The condensate is acidic, requiring more exotic materials in the equipment (like aluminum or stainless steel), that are more expensive. This is an advantage over conventional equipment as the exhaust gasses are cleaner. The condensate has to be neutralized before it can be sent to the drain. Deposits left over from this condensate have to be cleaned from the equipment annually to ensure they continue to work at high-efficiency and the neutralizing system also requires regular maintenance and testing to ensure that it is working correctly.

2hmech-faqHigh efficiency furnaces always work at temperatures that condensate but boilers, and even hot water heaters, can work outside of that range. The cooler the water the higher the efficiency. If your system requires high temperatures, you may be wasting your money on a high efficiency system that never condenses.

At 2H Mechanical we will only install high-efficiency systems that will work for you. Our periodic maintenance program also ensure that your equipment is always working efficiently.