Why Is 2H a Union Shop?

There are two main reasons to be a union shop on the Western Slope:


Plumbing and sheet metal are skilled trades that require a full apprenticeship and continuous training. Other than establishing our own apprentice program, 2H had to join the unions to get access to the kind of skilled staff required to man our project with professional staff that could deliver projects that we would be proud of.


Construction is a cyclical business with unpredictable schedules. Projects get delayed or brought forward and the union is the only way to deliver our manpower needs. We can even pull travelers, from other areas, when the need arises.

What Happens When a System Doesn’t Work?

We fix it! The design and installation of a mechanical system involves many parties. The design team, the controls contractor, the installers and the manufactures, all need get it right. If doesn’t work, everyone’s first reaction is to blame others. Here at 2H, we have a proven history of bringing the parties together and solving the problem, before talking about who is going to cover the cost.