2H Mechanical has worked with many metal building erectors to build support buildings for many oil and gas as well as hangers.

Name Constructor Value
Meeker Gas Plant Out Buildings Phase I Enterprise Products $746k
Meeker Gas Plant Out Buildings Phase II Enterprise Products $810k
Williams Willow Creek Tuscca II $415k
Williams Head Office Tuscca II $640k
Williams Energy Warehouse Tuscca II $157k
WestStar Avation Paint Booth Techtonics $715k
Rifle Hangers ASS & FBO Techtonics $823k
True Oil Gas Plant Aux Buildings Lefever Building Systems $272k
EPCO Jack Rabbit Ridge Lefever Building Systems $108k
Climax Mine Lefever Building Systems $79k
EPCO Building Conopies Enterprise Products $63k
Elk River Collom Mine Lefever Building Systems $29k
EPCO Periodic Maintainence Enterprise Products $28k/yr
WillIams Periodic Maintenance Williams Energy $27k/yr
Redwing Gas Plant MCC Lefever Building Systems $26k
Encana Middle Fork Compression Station Caerus Oil & Gas $21k
WPX Rocky Mountain Man Camp WPX Energy RM $17k
Hailburton Periodic Maintenance Haliburon $10k/Yr
Chevron Periodic Maintenance Ducey Electric $11k/yr
CUDD Periodic Maintenance CUDD $10k/yr
Encana Periodic Mantenance Encana $8.5k/yr


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