The Fabrication Shop

2H Mechanical has built the largest and most complete sheet metal fabrication shop between Denver and Salt Lake City.  We have a spiral machine and a full coil line. We also have a 16Ga roto die, 10-10 shear, and all the supporting equipment to fabricate ductwork to SMACNA standards in galvanized steel, paint lock steel, black iron, stainless steel, and aluminum.  Our shop is set-up for slip and drive and TDF joints.  We have not had any interfacing issues between TFC, TDC, Ductmate, or Dyn-O-Mate joints.  We can build with Pittsburg joints or button lock seams.  We also have a full welding set-up for steel, iron, and stainless.

We build this shop to service our field operations and have made it possible to double-shift our team to manage our industry’s cyclical nature.  This has given us the over-capacity that makes it possible to help mechanical contractors with their fabrication needs.  It started with Grand Mesa Mechanical Inc, but we are also assisting R&R HVAC with their residential fabrication.  Let us help you meet your fabrication needs more efficiently.  We can offer fixed bid quotes or time and material for commercial or residential contracts of work.  We provide NET-30 payment terms with our established customers, but we require a material deposit and cash terms with new customers. Contact Vince on 970 208 6984 or for more information.


Sidewinder Spiral Machine

Our Namcor SideWinder can make spiral duct from 3″-16″ in one-inch increments and from 18″-50″ in 2-inch increments.  Above 8″, we can also make single or double stiffening beads.  For exposed pip, we recommend our diamond plate option.

One of the most significant issues with spial pipe is shipping.  We are planning on a mobile option to build the spiral on-site, with mobilization and T&M pricing.  Please contact to let us know if this would be of interest to you.


Coil Line

Our coil line can build 18-24 Ga 5′ rectangle duct.  It can produce 30 pieces finished, ready to hang duct in an hour.  Our machine is one of the only coil lines with a whisper lock built-in to seal and close Pittsburg joins on the line.  We can insulate up to 1″ thick on the line and more pinned off the line if needed.  We can produce 1-, 2-, and 4-piece duct with a minimum piece length of 28″, with or without stiffening beads.


Hand Fabrication

We use the PratiCAD software and CNC control system to automate our layout.  When that is not enough, Vince can lay it out for you.  If it can be built, 2H can get it done faster to help you get on with the installation. 



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